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Reducing Reconstructor Mutari Progress 1000ml 33.8oz

Reducing Reconstructor Mutari Progress 1000ml 33.8oz

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# It has TECPRO - a new concept in capillary technology, with high performance of the physical-chemical characteristics (physical: heat from the dryer and board; chemistry: reaction of the product in the hair) for performing thermal procedures. It has an active complex that interacts with the capillary structure leaving the hair straight, replacing the lost lipid layer and promoting an intense repair of capillary wear levels. Provides increased shine, silkiness and, especially, hair alignment, as well as internal and intracuticular permeation. Through this technology we obtained the TECPRO seal , result of the BREAK TEST, carried out by the Cepad Laboratory, which proved that the product does not cause damage to the hair even after repeated applications. It has smoothing assets: Pro Liss. Progressive of a single step, which provides the following differentials: Approved by Anvisa in Grade 2, Practicality; Speed; Safety; 4D texture. It has treatment assets : Bamboo Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter Bio.ester, Hydrolyzed Keratin HOW TO USE: Apply 70ml to 100ml on dry hair in thin strands. Pause. Rinse partially. Brush and plan in thin strands. FUNCTION: To promote an intense or partial smooth (according to the chosen procedure), with safety and high performance. EFFECT: Yarn with volume reduction, treated and with 4D texture (shine, nourishment, repair and silkiness). It is essential that the professional make the prior test that will determine the condition of the hair, in order to anticipate possible allergic reactions, hair breakage or color change, including reapplications in all cases.
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This product is a HAIR SUPPLEMENT developed with SPH+ technology (Power Hair Plus Supplement) with a high power of restoration and restructuring of the hair fiber, leaving the hair strong, shiny and protected.

It is concentrated, ultra emollient, with instant action, it unites nutrition and health to the threads, returning the nutrients lost on a daily basis or through chemical processes. In addition to restoring mass, one of the great differentials of this product is the high performance detangling action that it presents in the 03 stages during the hair treatment process:


At the sink: Wet hair – hair does not tangle.

On the chair: Damp hair – hair is easy to comb.

After brushing: Dry hair – hair is soft and detangling.