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Advice For Beauty

ADVICE FOR BEAUTY Brazilian keratin treatment

ADVICE FOR BEAUTY Brazilian keratin treatment

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ADVICE FOR BEAUTY keratin treatment has a complex of actives that interacts with the hair structure, leaving the hair silky straight, vibrant and frizz-free, replacing the lost lipid layer, and promoting an intense repair of the levels of hair wear. Besides, this serum for hair product provides an increase of the shining capacity, silkiness, and, mainly, hair alignment.

ADVICE FOR BEAUTY keratin treatment is formaldehyde free, you can wash your hair in the same day. 

ADVICE FOR BEAUTY keratin treatment contains:

  • Argan oil
  • Macadamia oil 
  • Grape seed oils
  • Acai Oil.

You will gain the following  benefits , Results depend on your hair type and texture :

  • smoothing down your hair
  • filling in gaps in the proteins of each hair strand
  • helping hair look thicker and smooth
  • making hair look glossy and straighter in appearance
  • making your hair more manageable
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This product is a HAIR SUPPLEMENT developed with SPH+ technology (Power Hair Plus Supplement) with a high power of restoration and restructuring of the hair fiber, leaving the hair strong, shiny and protected.

It is concentrated, ultra emollient, with instant action, it unites nutrition and health to the threads, returning the nutrients lost on a daily basis or through chemical processes. In addition to restoring mass, one of the great differentials of this product is the high performance detangling action that it presents in the 03 stages during the hair treatment process:


At the sink: Wet hair – hair does not tangle.

On the chair: Damp hair – hair is easy to comb.

After brushing: Dry hair – hair is soft and detangling.